This professional event is directed towards leaders, senior executives, project managers, and heads of engineering, planning, financial, legal and human resources departments. It will discuss the necessary skills to identify and anticipate risks throughout the life cycle of construction projects. The topics will include leadership skills in the planning and implementation of projects, avoiding failures in projects lifecycle, and the negotiation and drafting of contracts. The discussion will address vital topics such as the fundamentals of contracts, the applicable legislative framework, the awarding of tenders, the settlement of disputes, the delivery of projects and a number of common issues in litigation.

بالتعـــــــــــاون مــــــع

In Association With

الناقل الجوي السعودي

Saudi Air Carrier

الراعي الرئيسي


الداعم الهندسي

 Engineering Support

الداعم القانوني

Legal Support

شريك التنظيم

Organizing Partner



تجنب الفشل في دورة حياة المشاريع

Avoiding Failures in Projects Lifecycle


صيــاغة العقــود وفن التفـــاوض

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts


القضاء والتحكيم وتسوية المنازعات

Litigation, Arbitration,  and Dispute Resolution


الموارد البشرية وأثرها على نجاح المشاريع

The Impact of Human Resources on the Success of Projects


التمويل والشراكة في المشاريع

Financing in Projects


المهارات القيادية لتخطيط وتنفيذ المشاريع

Leadership Skills in the Planning and Implementation of Projects


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رسوم الاشتراك

750 دولار للعموم

500 دولار أعضاء الاتحادات الهندسية الخليجية

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