This professional event is directed towards leaders, senior executives, project managers, and heads of engineering, planning, financial, legal and human resources departments. It will discuss the necessary skills to identify and anticipate risks throughout the life cycle of construction projects. The topics will include the implementation of appropriate measures to mitigate project risks, the use of best practices to resolve conflicts and to avoid costly and long conflicts. The discussion will address vital topics such as the fundamentals of contracts, the applicable legislative framework, the awarding of tenders, the settlement of disputes, the delivery of projects and a number of common issues in litigation.

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» صياغة عقود المشــــاريع الهندسية والمقـــاولات والتفـــاوض فيها.


» ضمان أفضل الإنجازات في مشاريع الإنشاءات مقابل القيمة المالية.


» متى وكيف ولماذا تتم المفاضلة بين التحكيم والطرق البديلة لتسوية المنازعات مقابل التقاضي.


» كيفية استخدام الأدوات والتقنيات لتسوية المنازعات لتجنب النزاعات المكلفة.


» الادارة المتقــــدمة للمشـــاريع باحتـــرافية.


» تطبيقات الســـــلامة والصــــحة المهنــــية.


» تكلـــــــــفة جــــــــــــودة المشــــــروع.

» Drafting and negotiating major construction contracts


» Ensuring best outcomes and value for money in construction projects


» When, how, and why to pursue arbitration and alternative dispute resolution as opposed to litigation


» Implementing tools and techniques for dispute resolution to avoid costly disputes


» Advanced professional project management


» Occupational safety and health applications


» Cost of project quality



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